Strikingly vs Squarespace: Website Builder Showdown

If you’ve been looking for the best website builder to use, you probably know how highly rated both Squarespace and Strikingly are.

But if you don’t really know the difference between the two, you have come to the right place.

To make your life easier, I’ve explored the benefits and drawbacks of each. Plus, I suggest some alternative website builders to broaden your horizons too.


Here are some of the strengths and weaknesses that I found when comparing Strikingly vs Squarespace.


The advantages: Strikingly is known for its single-page websites and a beginner-friendly interface. It is also completely free and has over 100 templates.

The downsides: The free features are very limited and the SEO tools are not optimized well.

Best for: Its one-page websites are fit for small businesses looking to create landing pages, blogs, or promotional content.


The advantages: Squarespace has sleek and visually appealing themes that will create beautiful websites.

The downsides: It isn’t free and the interface is complicated.

Best for: If you want to build a professional-looking website with the option to choose from numerous amazing designs, Squarespace is the way to go.

Other choices

5 website builder alternatives. Other than Strikingly and Squarespace, there are a ton of other website builders out there. Some of my favorites are Zyro, WordPress, Ghost, BigCommerce, and Wix.

The Advantages of Strikingly

One aspect Strikingly has is getting your website online, fast. You can get your single-page website up and running in no time. Also, having mobile-friendly templates makes it easy for your customers to use your website on the go.

The interface is easy to use for beginners. You can quickly switch back and forth between different templates, as well as customize your website freely. This website builder makes it super easy to add sections, such as a blog, social feed, an eCommerce store, and more.

The editing panel allows you to undo any changes you make, and there’s even a live chat available if you have any difficulties while using the website builder.

One of the best things about Strikingly is that it’s free, but you do have to use their subdomain ( They also recently updated their template collection, expanding 28 free options to more than 100.

The Downsides of Strikingly

The biggest disadvantage of Strikingly is its limited features. You have to upgrade to the Pro plan to get extra functions, such as a custom domain, access to the Strikingly App Store, multiple pages on your website, and ad removals.

The eCommerce features are also rather weak. If you are looking to open an online store with more than 5 products, you will need the Pro plan. Also, the maximum amount of products you can ever include is limited to 500 with the VIP plan.

Lastly, Strikingly’s SEO tools are not the best to use as single-page websites are too generic and make it difficult to optimize for keywords.

When to Choose Strikingly

Strikingly is fit for small business owners that are looking for an inexpensive option as well as a hassle-free website. The one-page feature is fit for blogs, landing pages, and promotional content.

However, if you are aiming to grow your business in the next few years, it is better to include more pages that can be optimized better.

The Advantages of Squarespace

Before signing up for Squarespace, you get to preview templates that suit your business needs based on a set of questions. Looking to create blogs, online stores, or portfolios? Depending on your needs, it will suggest a wide variety of templates that you can choose from.

Squarespace is popular for its sleek and visually appealing templates. People tend to be drawn to beautiful websites, which can lead to better brand recognition and an increase in consumer traffic.

In addition, your website gets automatic backups, free analytics tools, and you can track the number of people that visit your website.

If you have an online store, you can track sales records, such as the amount of revenue you are making and how many units you sold. It also has built-in SEO tools that allow your website to rank high in search results.

Another great aspect is its eCommerce features. Unlike Strikingly, you can include an unlimited amount of products, calculate real-time shipping rates, and apply discounts.

Lastly, Squarespace has all its hosting options covered. The cost of hosting is included in its plans, and you also get a free domain if you purchase an annual subscription.

The Downsides of Squarespace

Squarespace claims to be easy to use, but its interface is not very straightforward. You don’t need to know CSS or HTML, but its design and setup are less organized.

You will have to figure out how to add elements or change sections on your own. It definitely has a bit of a learning curve and takes time to figure out the features.

It also doesn’t come with a free plan, while Strikingly does. You can try Squarespace for free for 14 days, but from then on, you will need to purchase a plan.

Not only that, but compared to its competitors, Squarespace is a lot pricier and you are limited to only one website per plan.

Another downside is the lack of an app store. Unlike the Strikingly Pro plan, Squarespace relies only on its built-in features. Meaning there aren’t any marketing style apps, like customer reviews or Facebook ads, that could extend your website’s functions.

When to Choose Squarespace

If you want to create aesthetically-pleasing and professional-looking websites, Squarespace is for you. Whether you’re a small or big business owner, Squarespace’s built-in features and attractive templates will catch the eye of all your visitors.

5 Alternatives to Strikingly and Squarespace

Other than Strikingly and Squarespace, there are other website builders that can help you create a website for a lower price. Here are 5 alternatives.


WordPress comes in two flavors, and In this case, I will be referring to, the content management system (CMS).

Although it is not necessarily a website builder, you can install plugins to make it seem like one. A popular one is Beaver Builder, a premium drag-and-drop interface where you can add tons of elements, such as buttons and content blocks.

WordPress has a ton of customization options and endless plugins that give you the freedom to build your own website. For example, the bbPress plugin allows you to create a forum inside your website, and the Yoast SEO plugin optimizes keywords for you.

The one disadvantage of WordPress is that it is very complex and you will need to purchase a separate web hosting service to use it. However, when you calculate the pricing, it is much more affordable than most website builders. It also has great customer support that makes up for its complexity.

Who’s WordPress For?

WordPress is more difficult to use compared to other website builders. However, if you want a ton of customization options and more flexibility in managing your website, WordPress is a great option.

Zyro Website Builder

One advantage of Zyro is its AI-powered technology. The AI Content Generator makes it easy for you to whip up a piece of writing in no time. Meanwhile, the AI Heatmap predicts the behavior of your visitors so you can maximize conversions on your website.

Unlike Strikingly and Squarespace, Zyro has an intuitive drag-and-drop mechanism that is supported by a grid system, so elements and widgets are always aligned on your website.

Zyro has a ton of features, such as free SSL security to encrypt your data, a free logo and slogan generator, great SEO tools, and a highly responsive customer support team.

Lastly, it is extremely affordable. For just $1.99 per month, you get everything from blogging tools to a free SSL certificate. As to get full eCommerce functionality, the cost starts as low as $8.99/month.

Who’s Zyro For?

If you are a beginner in creating websites and want a combo of awesome templates, affordable options, and amazing live chat support, then Zyro is the perfect choice for you.


If you want an easy and simple blogging platform, Jimdo is for you. The best thing about this website builder is the Jimdo Dolphin, an AI Interface that creates the best website for you based on a set of questions it asks you.

Another great point is its ease of use as Jimdo is very straight-forward for beginners to navigate. Not only that, but Jimdo allows you to integrate third-party applications, such as your social media platforms and Mailchimp’s mailing service too.

Jimdo has a free plan, but you have to use their subdomain Their paid plans start from as low as $9/month, and you get an ad-free website as compared to Squarespace at $12/month and Strikingly at $16/month.

Although Jimdo’s eCommerce platform is not as powerful as Squarespace’s, it is available worldwide, whereas, with Squarespace, you’ll be limited to a small number of countries.

The downside to Jimdo is its lack of variety and design in its templates. Most of them are a bit outdated and minimal. However, if you are going for a sleek and simplistic look, you would like Jimdo’s templates.

Who’s Jimdo For?

Jimdo is geared towards business owners who want to create a simple website and are looking for the basics, domain, templates, logo builder, and ease of use.


BigCommerce is specifically catered towards eCommerce shops and has a ton of features that both Strikingly and Squarespace don’t.

With the cheapest plan, you have the option to create gift cards and can also get built-in ratings. It also includes real-time shipping quotes, which not a lot of eCommerce website builders offer on their cheapest plan.

You can integrate your online store with different sales channels such as Amazon and eBay. This makes it easy for you to sell on their platforms, significantly expanding your customer base.

In addition, BigCommerce doesn’t charge any transaction fees, except for credit card fees that most website builders, including Strikingly and Squarespace, have. There are also a ton of third-party payment methods you can choose from.

The biggest downside is that there is no free plan. The pricing also starts from $29.95/month, which can be quite expensive for a small business owner. You can, however, use the 15-day free trial before committing.

Compared to Squarespace and Strikingly, it has limited free templates and the premium templates are expensive. It also lacks customization options, not allowing you to move around a lot of the elements.

Who’s BigCommerce For?

Although BigCommerce is a little complex for a beginner, if you want to build an online store and expand it in the next few years, BigCommerce is great as it has a ton of features that will help your business grow.

It also has no transaction fees, so you get to keep all of your earnings.


Wix is a very popular website builder for a reason, and that is due to the wide range of templates it offers. The best part? They are all free. You can find templates for any business, such as boutiques, fitness centers, and even real estate.

Another great thing is its editing platform called the Editor X. It’s an intuitive, easy to use drag-and-drop system that allows you to customize your layout by dragging elements to your website. Using its Flexbox technology, it will adjust the elements based on the size of your screen, whether it’d be on mobile or desktop.

One disadvantage Wix has compared to Strikingly and Squarespace is its inability to change between themes easily. Once you choose a template and begin to edit it to your liking, it is difficult to change to other templates without having to fix the design again.

You can use Wix for free with the subdomain, but if you want to remove it, you can subscribe to the cheapest plan for $14/month. However, to get extra features such as removing ads, getting a free domain, and website analytics, you need a plan that’s more expensive.

Who’s Wix For?

Wix is a quick fix to creating a website when you have no background in design. It uses Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI) to determine the perfect template to use by asking a set of questions based on your interests.

In Conclusion: Which Is the Best Website Builder?

It is difficult to pick the best website builder out there because of how widespread the competition is.

But, if you are looking to create a website with a lot of bang for your buck, I would choose Zyro. It has the best benefit to cost ratio, and the highly responsive support team is great to have (not many other builders do.)

With Zyro, you get a ton of features for less money and there’s a lot of flexibility that goes into customizing your website. It is not only affordable, but it is also easy to use for beginners.

Still, if you enjoy one-page websites more, or you may want something a little more complex, there are plenty of options for you.

Regardless of what you choose, each website builder has its advantages and disadvantages, and it is up to you to make your pick.

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Doug Murphy

Blogger. Runner. Tech Enthusiast. Freelancer. Tea Expert.

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